Lets Talk Sugar

Lets Talk Sugar

The main contributing factor to dental decay is sugar!

There are obvious sugars which we all know about in cakes, chocolates and sweets. Sugary drinks like fizzy drinks, fruit juices and alcoholic beverages.

But there are many hidden sugars that can equally cause dental decay.

  1. Dried fruit/Raisins – Try to opt for fresh fruit as a snack, especially for children instead of dried.
    One cup of raisins has 116g of sugar vs one cup of grapes which has 15g of sugar.  In calories that is 104 calories per cup of grapes vs 480 calories per cup of raisins! Sun Maid raisins = 20g sugar (4 teaspoons) per box! Dried fruit is a lot stickier so gets stuck in the back teeth and can be difficult to brush out.
  2. Ketchup – Be careful with serving sizes of condiments and salad dressings. – 1 tablespoon of ketchup = 1 teaspoon of sugar.
  3. Sports Drinks – Sports drinks contain high amounts of sugars that can be quickly absorbed and used for energy. But, a standard 570 ml bottle contains about 8 teaspoons of sugar!
  4. Canned Baked Beans- One cup (254g) of regular baked beans contains about 5 teaspoons of sugar!
  5. Cereal Bars can sometimes be regarded as a healthier alternative. But this grab and go snack can contain 3 teaspoons of sugar per bar.
  6. Nutrigrain Fruity Bar 12 grams of sugar – (3 tsp)

Public Health England guidelines advise:

AgeGrams of sugar a dayTeaspoons of sugar a day
4 – 6 year olds19g4.5 teaspoons
11 year olds +30g7 teaspoons

It’s a good idea to get into the habit of looking on food labels at the amount of sugar per serving until you get an idea of how much sugar you are consuming on a daily basis.

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