Digital Dentistry

Digital Dentistry

We are coming towards the end of 2023 so what does the future of dentistry look like? 

A strong focus at Smile Sanctuary is investing in digital technology. Digital dentistry is rapidly evolving and at Smile Sanctuary we want to remain ahead of the curve. But what is digital dentistry? Digital dentistry encompasses a broad range of aids to enhance patient care. From being able to book your own appointments online, to not needing to take mucky impressions in the dental chair.  

3D scanners like the iTero are now a part of the dental check-up. Patients can see a 3D scan of their mouth in real time. This makes it an invaluable communication tool that helps us educate our patients on what’s going on in their mouths.  

With the help of AI, patients can even see a preview of what their smile can look like after treatments like Invisalign for example.   

3D scanners provide many other benefits, including precision and accuracy in dental treatments, cost effectiveness and time saving.  

Now digital, X-rays, clinical photos and scans can all be saved on cloud-based software, making record keeping a lot more eco-friendly. Digitalising patient records makes sharing with our patients as well as other colleagues for joint disciplinary dental cases safer and faster. Furthermore, with applications like Zoom, some consultations can even be virtual, saving you time and offering flexibility.

In 2024 and beyond we are aiming for high quality dentistry, being delivered in a more streamlined way with sustainability as the driving force.  

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