What is the difference between love and marriage?

What is the difference between love and marriage?

Love is blind. Marriage is an eye-opener… And working together is the next level up!

Hello from Dr Nabiha and Dr Usman, the principal dentists at Smile Sanctuary. We are indeed polar opposites but decided to take the plunge and become business partners, as well as life partners, because we are both passionate about providing high quality dental care within a comfortable, relaxed environment.

We became best friends at dental school and completed our training together. After working for 10 years, we both felt that we no longer wanted to compromise on any part of the dental care that we were providing. Be it, the dental materials we were able to use, the types of pain relief offered to patients, utilising dental technology, having a relaxed waiting room, being able to accommodate appointments within a short time frame…etc. We knew the only way we could do this, was to independently run our own dental practice. So here we are, a small business on Hornchurch High Street.

6 months later and we can confirm that it is indeed true. Dentistry today does not have to mean that you are a number on a conveyor belt.

We are welcoming new patients so if you are looking for a dentist who’s aim it is to help you achieve and maintain a healthy and beautiful smile that boosts your confidence then contact us today.

We would love to see you.

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